Esl and Internet Review

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Based on my research proposal topic which is on the influence of internet to students’ ESL learning, I have picked three journal articles that are related to my topic and make a critical review of the articles. The review is aimed to critically evaluate and comment on the three articles to help me in pursuing to finishing my research proposal. The first journal article entitled Does Home Internet Use Influence the Academic Performance of Low Income Children? by Linda A. Jackson, Alexander von Eye, Frank A. Biocca, Gretchen Barbatsis, Yong Zhao and Hiram E. Fitzgerald from Michigan State University. The purpose of the article is to investigate the influence of home internet use to the academic performance of low income children by the…show more content…
As my topic is regarding internet, this article studies about the usage of web blogs as a tool in education and web blogs is a specific type of tool from internet. This research aims to see how blogs prepare students before class and do pre-class readings, how the students reflect their experience and how blogs influence their collaboration with peers. The review of related literature for the study explains the usage of blogs in education helps in improving writing skills, encourage discussions online, increase students to become more analytical and critical and increase collaboration and interaction with wider community of students and teachers online. Besides that, the use of blogs in language learning has shown results that students show positive attitudes towards the method of teaching and it is evident that they can their vocabularies. Collaboration also increases through posting comments on blogs. This is why I think this article is worth to be reviewed because pre-class readings, reflections and collaboration are important in ESL learning for students and the use of blogs may just adds as another alternative method for teachers in Malaysia to implement in Malaysian classrooms. For this study,
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