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ESports the Next Olympic Sport? ESports has been on the rise in the world and many question whether eSports should be incorporated into the Olympics and I say: why not? Many may think that eSports, playing video games competitively, might not qualify to be an Olympic sport or that it might promote bad behaviors associated with video games, but I don’t see that to be the case and others agree. ESports being placed into the Olympics will boost the video game related industry, cause the Olympics to appeal to a wider audience, and adapt the Olympics to our evolving culture. Some may jump to the conclusion that video games cause people to become more violent as opposed to not playing and thus promoting them in the Olympics would be a …show more content…
Websites such as hold huge gaming community where people can watch gamers play in the tournaments and videos about the games. Videos can pull in approximately two millions viewers on bigger channels per video. The picture to the left shows a video of a youtuber named SeaNanners who basically records game play and uploads it to the internet. This is just one of the millions of people that participate in such recording on YouTube. Similarly, eSports has attempted to move into television programming as well. In 2008 ESPN signed a deal with Major League Gaming to host a tournament on the channel (Robinson). Other attempts have been made as well, but none have quite succeeded due to the reluctance of most television stations not wanting to risk the jump to eSports (Robinson), although this was done at a time prior to the current success of eSports and their ability to pull in such large audiences. ESports is currently pulling in record viewers and has the potential to pull in millions more as the sport becomes more popular. Clearly there is an audience or the websites and tournaments or they would not be pulling in the amount of views that they receive.
Further, people may that that sports provide people with benefits to their health, so what can video games do to benefit us as human beings?

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