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Civic Exchange acknowledges the assistance and guidance of the following individuals and organizations in preparing this report: Ray Anderson, Interface Inc. Brenda Bateman, International Resources Group Mike Bertolucci, Interfac e Inc. E. Milton Bevington, Servidyne Systems, LLC Paula Lawton Bevington, Servidyne Systems, LLC Glenn Frommer, Mass Transit Railway (MTR) Corporation The Esquel Group

Civic Exchange also thanks the Hongkong and Shanghai Banking (HSBC) Corporation for their support for this project.

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Case studies provide a powerful tool for exploring and communicating how decisions are made by organizations and what outcomes have been achieved. However, due to limitations in time and resources available, this Study is not an all-encompassing, comprehensive study. This Study is also not an audit. Our aim is to provide a ‘ snapshot’ of EG’s attempts to makes its operations more sustainable. The Study therefore focuses on the specific situations and scenarios initiated and implemented by EG that represent sustainable development. By presenting a snapshot, we hope to assist the company in identifying areas it may need to focus on to further integrate sustainability measures into its day-to-day management processes in the future. We also hope that the methodology developed as part of this Study, which is relatively simple and low-cost, can easily be used by many organizations to help them become familiar with what sustainable development means in practice. This approach may be a useful first step for organizations to identify and measure their sustainability before embarking on lengthy and expensive professional assessments and audits.



Methodology Stage One Methodology – presenting a snapshot…
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