Ess102 Research Paper. Tze Yin Mak. 4/13/17. Sci Fi Paragraph:.

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ESS102 Research Paper Tze Yin Mak 4/13/17 Sci Fi Paragraph: In the year 2070, humans have been exploring the possibility of space migration for the past few decades. As a consequence, Earth’s orbit has a lot of trash, lost equipment, and dead spacecraft’s that were left in space after the mission was finished. However, a big accident (will expand later) happened and created an enormous amount of space debris surrounding Earth’s orbit. This has stunted the progress and the planning of Space migration and a team of the world’s best scientists and engineers have been gathered to brainstorm solutions that could help with the situation. Space Debris As we attempt to learn more and more about the universe and the outer space beyond Earth, we…show more content…
It can travel at 5 miles per second, which is equivalent to 17,500 miles per hour.1 It becomes a dangerous problem for instruments in space because space debris can accidently collide with space ships/satellites and cause damage to its exterior. This happened in a satellite incident in 2016. Engineers of the European Space Agency spotted that the solar panel of the Sentinel-1A satellite was hit by space debris.3 The engineers looked through the cameras and it revealed that a millimeter sized debris collided with the solar panel and caused damage that is around 100 times its diameter.3 It’s not surprising that such a small debris can cause that much damage, since the speed it travels at is rapid. But imagine if the debris wasn’t millimeter sized, even if it was slightly bigger, the damage would be significantly worse. Therefore, the speed of space debris and the impact that it can have is nothing to be scoffed at. This is why NASA has engineering models that can be used for space debris impact assessments on their spacecraft. They need to access what kind of damage is possible when they are sending satellites or spacecraft into space so they can maneuver or take steps into strengthening the exteriors of their space vehicles. To find out where space debris is a problem, we first must understand and know the different orbit that the Earth has. The Low Earth Orbit (LEO) is between 124 to 1240 miles from the surface.4 This area is

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