Essay #2. In This Paper, It Will Discuss The Theme Of Faust

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Essay #2 In this paper, it will discuss the theme of Faust and Duc de Nemours: sagas of disillusionment and thwarted ambitions in both novels Faust, Part 1 and The Princesse de Cleves. At first glance one must be able to understand what disillusionment and thwarted ambition is. When one talks about disillusionment, it is referred to as a feeling of disappointment resulting from the discovery that something is not good as one believed it to be. Thwarted ambition refers to the opposition or prevention from something we desire or want to achieve. The stories of Faust and Nemours play a significant role in coming to terms with this theme because of their many attempts at happiness and irrational actions. Faust is disillusioned and demoralized…show more content…
Because of Faust’s manipulation and deceit, the relationship between him and Gretchen lead to an destructive ending with her eventually killing their child and falling into a state of depression and delusion. At the end , Faust eventually is confined to never experiencing the genuine light of love and peace as he is so desperately searching Although his earthly accomplishments Faust, is berated by irritation because the traditional and conventional methods of thought that he has mastered cannot help him to determine a logical reason or form behind all the various and diverse phenomena of life and nature. As a result of this ambition and its outcome on his perspective, Faust 's rational dilemma has been retained by many to embody the indifference of man in the present day. All of Faust 's values and flaws, his strengths and weaknesses, are amplified so that his experiences and proper improvement are granted on a scope that is greater than life. At the end of the novel, Faust is granted salvation but continues to be seen as a great tragic hero. Faust’s misfortune has been portrayed as “rebellious," for he tries to stride above the constraints of humanity to explore that which is not inclined to mankind to have or experience. Faust 's countless experiences all convey the message that to find contentment one must learn to subdue

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