Essay #2. Once Europeans Began Coming To Our Native Land,

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Essay #2 Once Europeans began coming to our native land, we natives knew it was not going to be an easy welcome or transition. I, myself, have always kept an open mind to whatever news comes our tribe’s way, but I also stay true to my values which include not being taken advantage of. Around 1800 it is said that nearly 400,000 American settlers lived west of the Appalachian Mountains. (Voices of Freedom, Pg. 157) This only took more of our lands away. Not all Native Americans went along with the European integrated culture. It was said that the most belligerent tribe happened to be the shawnee tribe with the two brothers refusing to sign the treaty of Greenville since they wanted to keep our our Indian culture and not conform.…show more content…
Looking back, getting an education was not the worse thing to happen, but forcing it upon an already established region is plain absurd. Wars and commotion is what really ended up making European settlers excited about the Indian Removal Act. Wars like the Ohio War, Black Hawk war shaped tragic Trail of Tears during 1830’s. Our tribe was the last to be banished from the eastern side of the Mississippi. It was five civilized tribes with flourishing populations nearing 60,000 soules. (Give Me Liberty Pg. 301) From my understanding, living under Andrew Jackson 's presidency has been devastating for us Native American tribes. We seem to be unfamiliar alien like people to the whites who happen to occupy masses of land even though it was always ours to begin with. It was Jefferson who had started a disavowment and the idea that “civilized” Native Americans could be integrated in the new American society. (Give Me Liberty Pg. 301) Our tribe, the Cherokee, was the one tribe who made the biggest effort to ‘fit in’. We never wanted this removal act to transcend upon us, nor any others, but at the end of the day, I have to have my people 's interest first before anyone else 's. From the information I have gathered during this time, Jackson would tell fellow congress we are “savages” and would go along with anything Georgia, our home state, would pass to ride of us. (Give Me Liberty Pg. 302) During this time of Jackson talking with congress, it was the

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