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Ifeanyi Nwagbologu February 3, 2014 English 1102-402 Analytic Writing White Lies in L.A. Dagoberto Gilb’s short story, deceiving titled “Love in L.A.”, paints a portrait of a hilarious event involving a minor car accident on the jam-packed Los Angeles freeway. When first reading the title, you automatically start making assumptions that this story has something to do with how a couple finds “Love in L.A.”. This story has nothing to do with love, in fact it has nothing to do with a minor car accident; it has more to do with our high valued thoughts which our minds fantasize and make life full of lies and illusions. We all like to fantasize and wish we had something’s we don’t necessarily have now, but Jake takes it a little too far.…show more content…
Jake wanted to pull a hit and run but he was afraid that the traffic would hold him back. On second thought, Jake thought that the traffic would aid him to getting away too. As he got out if the car Jake slammed the car door twice just to buy him some time and stall for a second more. Jake toured to car front to back of his Buick for damage on or near the bumpers, just as any man would. Before speaking to the driver of the Toyota, whose looks could astonish a busy city, he waved someone who stopped to help them to keep on driving, so the driver waved back and starred his engine. Jake begins to blabber about how he didn’t even scratch his paint. After saying that, just like any man would do to a gorgeous looking lady, he immediately asks her, “So how are you doing? Any damage to the car? I was kinda hoping so, just so it takes a little more time and we can talk some. Or else you can just me your phone number now and I won’t have to lay my b.s. on you to get it later” (Gilb 44). What kind of “man” asks a woman for her number without introducing himself first? Jake finally introduces himself as he holds out his hand. Come to find out, the beautiful lady is named Mariana. “They shook hands like she’d never done it before in her life” (Gilb 43). After Jake apologized for hitting her, he instantaneously with no hesitation asks Marina “So maybe we could go out to breakfast somewhere

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