Essay 1. In Modern Times, It Is A Crucial To Be Aware Of

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Essay 1 In modern times, it is a crucial to be aware of and respectful of other cultures. In the United States, people experience different types people, religions, and cultures everyday. Despite constant encounters with new religions and cultures, many people do not understand the significance of religious symbols and traditions. In order to combat this ignorance, Harvard University and Diana L. Eck founded the Pluralism Project. The Pluralism Project’s mission consists of four vital mission statements. The first statement is to continue the documentation and growth in the understanding of the ever-changing religious demography of the United States. The second statement promises the continued study and research of religious communities.…show more content…
The project promises to further study these actions by studying “their forms of adaptation and religious education in the American context, their encounter with the other religious traditions of our common society, and their encounter with civic institutions” (Eck). This notion also states that the project will review forms of communication in relation to religion. Communication is a vital part of religion and thus is important to be studied. In reference to communication being vital to religion, Schilbrack states, “It follows that if people had never thought, spoken, and acted in religious ways, or if they ceased to think, speak, and act in these ways, then what are often described as religious phenomena would not exist”.
In modern times, media and technological advancements have changed how religion is spread and provides new outlets in which a religion can be taught. In a video that Steven Ramey critiqued about the spread of religion, it became apparent that many smaller religions were marginalized as the video only showed the spread of five world religions. Ramey even states “The narrative that the animation follows applies the assumptions, interests, and labels of today back in time to construct the origins of each religion”. The video is a great demonstration of how many
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