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Matilde Zelaya English 101 Assignment Essay 1 06/28/11 Two Cases of Unexpected Pregnancies and the Decisions These Women Made or Were Forced to Make Are young girls ready to face unexpected pregnancies? Can they deal with the consequences? What about boys? Shunned was written by Meredith Hall and her story gives a view of an unexpected pregnancy that takes place in 1965. “Then I got pregnant. I was sixteen. Family, church and school each, which had embraced me as a child-turned its back on me” (Hall 50). Birthday was written by Helena Maria Viramontes and her story shows the other version of how pregnancies can be dealt with and that is still done now. It is about a girl that is pregnant, named Alice “I rub my stomach…show more content…
All human beings need to feel that they belong, first with their family, then at school with their peers and teachers and also at church that says that we should love and help one another. Alice says at the abortion clinic “Forgive me Father for I have sinned” (Viramontes 50). This shows the guilt she is experiencing. During an abortion, the unborn child doesn’t get a chance to live, it must be hard on a young girl to have to make this kind of a decision. In Shunned : The father and the mother decided “we would give the baby up for adoption” (Hall 62) Who are we? The young girl or her parents? She is not asked or given the opportunity to keep the baby even if she feels a bond. “We spent the dead-quiet hours alone, our heartbeats measuring together the passage of time, the damage, the unexpressed grief. We would be separated forever in two more months”(Hall 62). After there is a bond between mother and child, to have her baby torn away and unable to stop this. In both cases they will always remember and miss their child, a little being with their blood and a small part of themselves. During an abortion or when giving birth, this is an experience that women have to face alone. Helena Viramontes tells us “she feels afraid, cold and alone during the procedure”(47). Meredith Hall also states “I could not feel loved by him (the unborn child), ever. But we were one life, small and scared and alone”(63). How
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