Essay 2. Everyone Who Is Involved With Education Has Different

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Essay 2 Everyone who is involved with education has different beliefs whether it’s about how to teach, what should teach, or what the purpose of education is. As time goes on, there has been change that has happened in the school systems and that will forever be changing for the better. People define ‘better’ in different ways, and people have disagreements on what could make education better and that’s why there all types of different methods and beliefs that create a diverse background of what education is and what it should be. My beliefs may be somewhat similar to some people, yet another group of people may disagree but this is what keeps education changing and growing. My beliefs of education is that the purpose is that students…show more content…
These ideas that I have are most related to Dewey mostly because I believe that students should be growing in all aspects. Gutek states, “For Dewey, human intelligence is socially constructed as people interact with each other in solving problems in their environment” (Gutek, p.361). This is very common to what my beliefs were because interaction between students and people in general create knowledge and like Dewey stated, helps people problem solve which is useful in the environment. The knowledge that is obtained or can be obtained through students is in my opinion learned as one progresses through life. Most students learn things by practicing or doing them and this is something that creates a knowledge. Everyone remember something better when it’s something that they found out on their own or practiced. The more that time goes on, the more experiences you endure which increases knowledge on what you had before. With this being said, I believe that educators should provide an opportunity for students to learn through experiences and to solve for their own problem because if they are able to work through an experience or problem then they will most likely remember the information better. Students should learn problem solving and thinking for themselves to solve their questions and working with one another or even asking questions. All subjects would be able to involve problem solving, group work, or asking
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