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Why is the initial consultation so important? What factors will an ethical therapist cover at this time?
In this essay we are going to look at and discuss why the initial consultation is important and the factors that an ethical therapist should cover.
So what should we expect to happen at an initial consultation? Firstly what would the therapist hope to glean from it? The first contact may be via telephone or face to face, what we initially trying to achieve is building a rapport with the client this is vitally important if the following hypnosis/counselling sessions are going to be successful. By building a rapport with the client we are hoping to put them at ease and we are starting to gain their trust, if the
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Suggests that there may be cultural differences involved, since it seems that in Britain a lower proportion of patients show a useful response to hypnosis than in the USA. We find that perhaps one out of three patients will respond satisfactorily to a first induction and score satisfactorily on assessment scales at this point. Rather more will show signs of (beneficial) relaxation, but no real response to suggestion or evidence of anything more than feeling rested.
From my perspective if you look at the dates these statements were made hypnotherapy has come a long way since then so these figures may not necessarily be true today, however on that point I will leave you to draw your on conclusions. As long as we remember as far as possible we are trying to get the client into some form of hypnotic state on our first induction.
Presentation/First impressions
It is vitally important as the saying goes (first impressions count) never more so than in counselling. How we present ourselves in that first meeting will be the impression our client forms of us. Think if you were going to a counsellor what wouldn’t you want to see. Not just the way we look but how we portray our selves is important, the client has to believe that we can help and want to help. Below is a list of attending behavioural techniques you may want to employ (chrysalis module 3):

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