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The report analyses concepts taught in two lessons and links them to proficiency strands, contents descriptions, elaborations, general capabilities and cross-curriculum priorities outlined in the Australian Curriculum. Furthermore, the report explores three best teaching practices commonly used in the classroom and examines the benefits to students learning. Finally, a detailed lesson outline will be created.

The first lesson ('Christie') observes Christie Kawalsky at Saint Albans East Primary School teaching fractions to a Year 3/4 class (Australian Institute for Teaching and School Leadership [AITSL] (Producer), n.d.-a). Christie demonstrates how teachers use concrete resources during explicit numeracy lessons. Christie demonstrates
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Most importantly, Christie meets Curriculum standard 1.3 as she selects and uses resources and strategies appropriate to the strength and needs of her diverse students.

The second lesson, ('Kelly') shows Kelly Rhinehart exploring addition and multiplication with a Year 5 class at Humpty Doo Primary (AITSL, n.d.-b). Kelly focuses on students learning mental computation skills and developing automaticity through the use of open-ended eliciting. Kelly uses eliciting to encourage students to investigate different strategies to solve math problems and explain the process they used to find solutions, which not only empowers students to take control over their learning and engage them in the learning activities but also reflects proficiency strand reasoning. Furthermore, Kelly teaches students to recognise and use patterns and relationships when developing strategies, which reflect the general numeracy capabilities (ACARA, n.d.-c). Kelly starts the lesson with a warm-up activity of playing a dice game to learn nines timetable, which reflects content description and elaborations of ACMNA098, as students learn to identify, describe and solve multiples using number sequences (ACARA, n.d.-c,
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