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After the premiere of The Christmas Cure on the Hallmark Channel's annual "Christmas in July" programming, I contacted a few of the actors who were involved with the film. Steve Byers is the male lead for this delightful offering, and now that Christmas is upon us yet again and this film is currently getting plenty of air time, I am honored to finally bring you my interview with an actor who is certainly no stranger to Hallmark Christmas films amongst other well-known programming. {You may notice that Steve does an exhilarating--ahem--sense of humor, so readers may want to take some of his statements with a grain of salt :) }

TORONTO, ON - MARCH 08: Actor Steve Byers arrives at the Academy of Canadian Cinema and Television's 2017
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I think your first recurring role was on the show Falcon Beach. How did you get involved with that show? For those like me who have not seen this show, please tell us a little bit about your role and the show itself. What did you enjoy most about being on this show? To be fair, this was my first Lead in a series. It was an ensemble cast and we had an amazing time making that show. I played Jason, a young man who was trying to keep his marina from being taken by the bank or town villain (who happened to be the father of Paige, the girl he loved). He and his best friend Danny would blow off steam wakeboarding or anything else that they could think of that inevitably got them into trouble. So dramatic ;) I auditioned for it like everyone else. I look back very fondly on this show. It was a great bonding experience with the entire cast and crew and was invaluable as a tool for learning my craft as we went. You have had recurring roles on several shows, but it seems you are known best for Smallville, Slasher, and the Man in the High Castle. Please comment on your experiences with any of these shows (or all if you prefer.) Also, is there any chance your character will come back to the Man in the High Castle?

"Masquerade" -- Steve Byers as Desaad in SMALLVILLE, on The CW Network.
Photo: Jack Rowand/The CW
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**SPOILERS**Smallville was a lot of fun as I got to play an evil comic icon. Who gets to say
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