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Blood clot Bacon Hi. I’m Bacon. I’m a blood cell. I work for Systemic Co. and I work for the Right Ear Division. I deliver oxygen to the right ear. Sometimes, I have to substitute for workers at Pulmonary Co. I travel to their headquarters called the lungs every day. Both of those corporations work for a bigger corporation called The Circulatory System. And that company works for Bobby Johnson, our body/home. Anyways, I’m about to tell you about a very important day in the life of me, Bacon.

It started off as a perfectly normal day. I woke up in the right atrium of the heart, and said goodbye to my wife, Pie and my three children Pizza, Fries, and Cheesecake. You’re probably wondering, why are we named after fatty foods? Well, our home Bobby Johnson is not very healthy. He needs to work out. Keep that in mind for later. After I left the right atrium, I squeezed through the tricuspid valve. That brought me to the right ventricle. From there, I went into the pulmonary valve and then the pulmonary artery. Remember how I said I visit the Pulmonary Co. Headquarters everyday? Well, this takes me there (the lungs). So, I got there to pick up oxygen. I picked it up in pill form because the ear was complaining about not having enough. I exchanged the pills for carbon dioxide, a waste gas. From there, I traveled back to the heart in the pulmonary veins. Those took me to the left atrium. As that room filled up with other blood cells, including some friends and colleagues like

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