Essay About Breed-Specific Legislation

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Dear Mayor Tumlin,
I am writing to you to address my concerns about the breed-specific legislation (BSL) in the Code of Marietta, Georgia 1996. In chapter 10-4 under “Dog parks and off-leash areas” it is stated that “Pit bulls and Rottweilers are prohibited from dog parks and off-leash areas,” unfairly suggesting that the two breeds are more prone to aggression and violent behavior than other dog breeds, despite extensive research showing that there is no correlation between a dog’s breed and its inclination towards aggression. All dogs have the ability to be aggressive and cause harm to another animal or human, regardless of breed. This could also be having a negative effect on the Pit bulls and Rottweilers within the city because they
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Socialization also helps an owner train their young dog to manage new experiences and challenges with acceptable, appropriate behavior.
A poorly socialized dog is unlikely to cope well with changes in its environment or situation, making it difficult to control for its owner, veterinarian, groomer, pet sitter, and any visitors to the dog’s home. If a dog isn’t properly socialized, it can develop permanently ingrained fear responses and generalized anxiety. Ultimately, this kind of behavior problem can make it unsuitable as a pet – for its owner or anyone else. Nearly half of all dogs in animal shelters have at least one behavior issue –aggression and destructiveness being the most common. Both of these behaviors can be caused by the anxiety and fear that originates from improper or incomplete socialization. BSL causes a positive feedback loop resulting from the banning of “vicious” breeds from certain areas vital for socialization skills which causes the dogs to develop fearful/aggressive behavior, further strengthening the stereotype of such breeds being inherently aggressive, when in reality they haven’t been properly socialized due to the public ostracizing their breed.
As I stated before, Pit bulls and Rottweilers are not more prone to aggression than other dog breeds. In order to prove this, a comparative journal, written by experienced doctors of veterinary medicine, studied the difference in aggression levels of a “nonaggressive” dog
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