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All the broken pieces was such a wonderful book and it brought out my viewing point on the Vietnam War and it made me feel bad for the children who were in the Vietnam War. The main problem in the book was that Tommy did not like Matt because his brother died in the Vietnam War and he's from Vietnam. In the whole book there were many themes but I only picked a couple: One Theme is “live in the future not the past” the song I pick for this was “Shake It Off” by Taylor Swift, the second theme is “bullying is never the answer” and the song I picked was “you had to pick on Me” by Matt Kennon, my last theme was “bullying is never the answer” my song was “Mean” by Taylor Swift.

Live in the future and not the past, the song for this theme was Shake
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This song shows the bullying process it shows that people do bully people and wrong and it shows you that people are being hurt by bullying and that shouldn't be right. In all the broken pieces the bully was Tommy because his brother was died in the Vietnam War and Matts from Vietnam.

The last song is Mean by Taylor Swift it shows that people pick on other people but you know what when you're young nothing matters because it's all about what your future is going to end up like and what your career is going to be. Some words in the song are someday I'm going to live in a big old city this shows it doesn't matter what's going to happen when you're young it matters about what your future is going to be about and if you're going to be successful or not because the people who are bullying you are probably not going to be successful like you.

My 3 songs “you had to pick on me” “shake it off” and “mean” are great examples of songs that represent themes in the book. And in All The Broken Pieces it shows that bullying is not right and the Vietnam perspective. It shows many themes. And I feel all these songs put the themes in great perspective and it shows me what the book is all about and it tells me What the main Subject is in the
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