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The fresh aroma of food filled the air of the banquet. The bare tables were just washed down and cleaned. The trays were stacked neatly and everyone was gathered together. There was a chair and table by the entrance. On the table was a bucket of tokens and sitting in the chair was Kris Johnson.
The host, whose name sounded like “Kathy,” clapped her hands together. We all looked towards her and saw the bright smile on her face and the glint in her eyes. “Thank you all for being here today,” she exclaimed loudly. Her eyes personally sought our own as she spoke, as if she were directing it specifically to us. “This is a fun experience, I assure you. You’ll have so much fun here, and again I thank you for volunteering.”
I looked towards the
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There was milk, coffee, water, milk, and chocolate milk. As I sat down, Kendra Johnson came over and smiled at me. “What would you like to drink?” she questioned nicely, her hands in the pocket of her apron.
“Umm…do you have coffee?” I asked. I really liked coffee, so I figured if they had some I might get it. Kendra made a face and rushed off to get the coffee.
I picked up a fork and poked at my shepherd’s pot pie. It looked really good. It was like a cross between meatloaf and mashed potatoes with gravy on top. I also got chocolate pudding, butter, and a corn cob.
A few minutes later the doors opened and I watched as people streamed in. I took a sip of my coffee and started to eat my food, which tasted really good. A man come over, who looked around his mid’ sixties. He sat down at the spot across from me and smiled brightly.
“Hello!” he greeted cheerily and picked up his fork. He started to eat his shepherd’s pie and grinned at me. “This sure is good, isn’t?” he muttered before focusing on his food again.
I smiled back at him. “Yeah it is. What’s your name?”
“Paul; what’s your name?” he shot back quickly and continue to eat more food.
“It’s Karen,” I replied with a smile and picked up my corn cob. I started to eat it when Paul started talking again.
“Well, Karen, you should smile more. I mean, you’re so friendly so far and you smile a lot and you seem so kind and caring; that’s why I chose to sit with you. Keep smiling and
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