Essay About Elena

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Elena rolled her eyes, a devious smile playing at the edge of her lips as she sipped her champagne. Of course, he was going to bring up Grummond again. The whole thing was so exhausting, she sometimes wished she'd just let him fuck her. Then again, because he was such a frequent customer of Brett's, he was also a frequent subject of gossip among the girls. Apparently, he had his fair share of kinks, none of them being garden-variety, and Elena was mostly pleased that she'd managed to avoid having to dress up as superwoman or call him "big daddy". She watched Brett with interest as he pulled out his wallet, flashing his cash at her before dropping it into her lap. For a moment she was quiet, considering if he'd ever made this sort of…show more content…
Some of her male teachers even took a certain liking to her. It had all been new and exciting back then. Now it was a part of life. She was good at being attractive, and really not much else. Months earlier she had been excited to use her finer attributes to get into Kappa Delta, the most elite sorority on campus, and now, she found herself sitting in Brett Carmody's apartment, as an employee of his escort business. Funny how things always come back to bite you. "That's cute, how you got out all of that cash just to take most of it back. Very interesting, that you take a cut of self-referrals," she said, still staring back at him with the same amused expression. She felt a bit bitter for a moment, reflecting back on her pathetic little life, but she quickly washed it out of her mind with the rest of her champagne. Apparently, she had a job to do - a job she knew how to do well. Elena placed the flute back on the glass coffee table and stood up, running her fingers through her hair. One by one, she hooked her thumb under the thin straps of her silk dress and lowered them down her shoulders, letting her plunging cleavage come into view from beneath her lacy black bra. She slipped her arms out of the straps and lowered the top of her dress, to waist level, giving him a glimpse of her thin waist, as well. Stripping was easily her favorite part of any date; it was after the strained conversation, and just before the men got rough, or made her endure some ridiculously
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