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In the movie Forrest Gump, Tom Hanks plays the role of the protagonist. He is characterized as a simple-minded man who speaks very slowly and gently and often pauses while talking. He is mostly unaware of what is exactly happening around him but his good heart and positive intentions lead him to success. He spent early days of his life in Alabama and as a child he suffers from a crooked spine and is outfitted with leg braces to strengthen his back. However once when he starts running he runs so much that he runs out of those braces and does not stop. He had below average IQ, had trouble getting into public school and was even called as 'not normal' by the principal. But later his mother makes the principal reconsider
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Forrest, Jenny and Little Forrest only have a year together as a family before Jenny died. Forrest has her buried under the tree where they played as children. He misses Jenny a lot and proves to be a good father to Little Forrest.

He reflects on the idea of fate and destiny, wondering if Lieutenant Dan was right about people having their own destiny, or if his mother was right about description of life as floating around accidentally like on a breeze. Forrest eventually decides "maybe it's both, maybe both are happening at the same time." He leaves Jenny a letter from Little Forrest and tells her "If there's anything you need, I won't be far away."

This movie shows very non-simple things from very simple perspective (the perspective of Forrest Gump). The characters in this movie are very confusing and sometimes rough at the edges, they try and struggle to succeed many times but they all failed or fell by their wayside. They were the people surrounding Forrest Gump, so messed up and complicated (Dan and Jenny) but despite all this Forrest treated them with love and respect through his actions and made their life on track. On the other hand Forrest continuously succeeded in every avenue of his life on random chances without even trying and without even caring. This movie actually has something sneakier to say about life: ‘you live, you die, try to love while you
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