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Green Day
If anyone ever asked Billie Joe Armstrong if he would grow to be the lead singer of a wildly famous punk band and he replied with a yes, he sure hit the bullseye with that one. Green Day is a trio that fulfilled every kid’s dream of becoming a rock star. Green Day brought punk-rock to the mainstream, won 4 Grammys, and was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, making them one of the best punk-rock bands of the 20th century.
How The Members Met Armstrong and Dirnt met during the California garageband scene, while Cool came later. Frank Edwin Wright, more commonly known as Tre Cool, joined Green Day when their previous drummer dropped out to focus on college (Jansen, 2002). Now, these three boys didn’t come together and magically start making original music, they, of course, had some inspirations along with a reason behind their name.
Green Day had many inspirations for songs, the name of their band, and to becoming a band at all. The Sex Pistols, The Replacements, The Dead Kennedys, and The Ramones were just some of their favorites (Doeden, 2007). Some of their songs have
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The band decided to sign to Warner Brothers Reprise Records, which was a big jump. They then produced their third album, Dookie, which ended up selling more than nine million copies in the USA (Jansen, 2002). Another big moment for them was the Woodstock Festival of 1994. When one fan threw a piece of mud on stage, Billie Joe amazed and disgusted the crowd at the same time by shoving it in his mouth. This then broke into a war of throwing mud and dirt on and off of the stage. This event quickly made it to the news, bombarding the band with loads of oncoming fame (Cogan, 2006). But with all this fame comes hate, and that’s just one thing the group had to deal with throughout their
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