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INTRODUCTION Gucci, the biggest selling Italian brand of leather and fashion goods, ranked the 38th most valuable brand was founded by Guccio Gucci in Florence in 1921. HISTORY At the end of 19th century, in the world of high-end leather goods, clothing and other fashion products, Gucci became one of the world’s most successful manufacturers. Guccio Gucci along with his 3 sons expanded by opening stores in Milan and Rome and more stores in Florence where he first started shop in 1920 for selling fine leather goods with classic styling. The company used cotton canvas to make handbags during World War 2 with double-G symbol with prominent red and green bands. They further established their stores in New York City and many movie stars posed in Gucci’s clothing,…show more content…
• Online retailing of it makes it globally reach to its customers. • It through videos, audio and text delivers to large population. • It welcomes both positive and negative feedback from its customers so that product can be improved. • The usp of the brand is its strong brand image, strong presence in international market. MARKETING MIX OF GUCCI Marketing mix is divided into 4 parts- 1. PLACE 2. PRICE 3. PROMOTION 4. PRODUCT  PLACE It geographically is segmented into 3 divisions that is- 1st phase- USA & EUROPE 2nd phase- CHINA & JAPAN 3rd phase- MIDDLE EAST As it is an international brand, the choice of opening the stores in various districts is an important choice. It has opened different level stores so that it can meet demands of various classes staying in the society.  PRICE The price that a company decides depends on various factors such as what is company’s objectives. A company who has profit objective would set higher prices whereas company who has sales objective will increase its sales by setting low prices. Price actually reflects the objectives of the

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