Essay About Helping The Union

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Helping the Union

As I stepped outside, the cold suddenly rushed to me, wrapping me inside of it. The leaves rustled by on the garden path. My first thought was to go back inside, but I decided to be that wonderful father, and make sure that everything is ok. So I kept walking forward, being careful not to trip on the dark, bumpy dirt path. Then I heard the noise again, a faint vooing, like voo voo voo getting louder and softer. I followed the sound, and then all of a sudden, it stopped. I listened really hard, but i couldn’t hear anything anymore. My conscious said to just go back, but my body took another step forward, for what reason, I have no idea. Then my body felt like it was being stretched apart and all i could hear was VOO VOO VOO. Then it stopped. I stood up. ears ringing, and found myself alone, in a grassy field. Then I heard someone calling someone’s name. The a little boy replied, and I saw him run past toward a small little cabin. I decided I had better find out where I was, so I walked toward it. When i reached it, I realized it was part of a little town, with log cabins stretched far apart along a road. I knocked, and a short and chubby women opened the door. She looked to be about in her sixties, and was dressed strangely. I greeted her, and then asked where I was. “Are you him?” she asked in a hushed voice.
“Umm…” She then grabbed my by the wrist and looked and my forearm, where I had a birth mark. When she saw it, she opened her mouth and stuttered…
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