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Chapter Two

Not only did Red get on the committee, it looked like she would get voted President without even trying. She was really excited, but tried to keep her smile down to just a grin.
“Shouldn’t we still vote? Just to be fair.” She tapped her toes on the floor, dancing a little jig in her seat, her plan was working almost perfectly. “All in favor of Red for president of the class committee, raise your hand.” Said Sherri smartly, raising her hand high in the air. Darrell, Gary, Pierre and Sam followed suit. Red felt her grin spread wider and accepted their quiet applause with a silly little bow. “Oh my swirls! You guys won’t regret this!”
Sherri passed Red the committee minutes to sign her name on the line for the President’s
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She was feeling pleased with her sketch so far, when she was startled by a snort behind her. A cute little baguette suddenly grew an awkward antenna. She hurried to erase the line.
“What is that?” A pudgy ringed-hand pointed at the outline of a basket of cheering cinnamon rolls sitting on a table with dancing doughnuts.
“It's a sweets table with dancing pastries. I am in the rough-sketching stage right now, so it doesn’t look like much, except random circles, squares and lines.” Boris pushed her art bag off her desk, as he leaned in, squinting at the paper, and Peg snatched the poster off her desk, ripping a corner. She then flipped it to the floor and stamped on it, making sure to leave a dirty footprint on the paper. Red reached for her art bag and flinched as boris gave it a kick. She watched as her oil pastel crayons spilled out of her bag, and a lone red crayon rolled down the aisle. “We don’t care about your stupid ideas. No one looking at that poster would want to come to this classroom anyway.” Peg stood over Red, making her cringe as she shook in her seat. “It's all just chicken scratch.” The twins glared at Red, as she slid out of her seat and picked up the poster and attempted to brush off the dirt. As the twins started back down the aisle they came from, Boris made sure to kick her pencil bag hard enough to disperse what was left in it. Red watched as her red

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