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I am personally very excited to attend MASH next year and experience the many opportunities available for me and my peers. I am looking forward to participating in the field hockey program and the track and field program. I have very many good qualities and I am excited to bring them to the high school. I am a very good leader and have a ton of skill in it, I have great time management, I also make sure to give my very best in everything I do. Making sure to work hard is a must for me because it is a vital part of doing well in school. Through my many years of balancing school, sports, and music, I have gotten very good at distributing my time to the activities that need them the most, school being first. I think these skills I have developed will be very beneficial to me in my high school career.…show more content…
I play a club field hockey team as well as the school team and those teams themselves are stressful to balance. I’ve also been playing piano for 6 years now and more than most activities, it progressively gets harder every week and it takes a lot of time to learn my music. I have been playing basketball since the third grade, but as I am getting older I struggle to find enough time in my schedule to fit everything into it and basketball is not as enjoyable for me as it was when I started. My heart is with field hockey and I see a large future in the sport and realize if I want a future in it, I need to start focusing on it. I hope to run track and jump in high school as I did in 5th grade and I did fairly well in it, plus it is a great activity to keep me in shape. I hope to do a lot with sports and music in high school and I feel there are a lot of opportunities at
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