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Kadazan Harvest Festival is the largest festival of Kadazan people, show in diagram 4(a) and 4(b). There are some significance and the important of the Kadazan Harvest Festival. The celebrated throughout the month of May, which means the end of the month of May each year, it is also public holiday in Sabah. Actually the Kadazan Harvest Festival is start from the first day of May, means that the festival(Tambunan)celebrated for one month. It is also an opening of the Kadazan Festival Harvest .At the place called Hongkod Koisaan, they culminates in the grand Harvest Festival Celebration on the 30th and 31st of May. All the Kadazan cultural groups from around Sabah and Peninsular Malaysia representing the Kadazandusuns who are staying, studying and working there must go to the gathering and meeting.
Kadazan harvest festival or Pesta Kaamatan has it significance and meaningful story. There are several reasons that the Kadazan harvest festival is held. The first reason is to give thanks to the spirit of the rice they call "Bambaazon" for the abundant rice harvest the previous year. The second reason is to identify the Kadazan as rice growers and with the land. The third reason is to showcase their uniqueness as a people. The last reason is strengthen understanding and unity among the Kadazan people.
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"The Pesta Kaamatan" is always held in the first place. Buffalo racing, bamboo stilt race (diagram 4(c)), arm wrestling, and more are the Kadazan traditional sport game that will held on the Festival. To celebrated the Harvest Festival, Sugandoi singing competition, gong beating, sumazau dancing competition, the best tapaiwine competition will also be hel . Meanwhile, everyone has the opportunity and the chance to taste the Kadazan rice wines, Tapai and Hiing, and Talak, all are alcohol that Kadazan people made for celebrated the Kadazan Harvest
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