Essay About Love And Blood

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Love and Blood
Methodically and carefully Clary was tearing Jace 's room apart. She was still in her tank top, though she 'd pulled on a pair of jeans; her hair was scraped behind her head in a messy bun, and her nails were powdered with dust. She had searched under his bed, in all the drawers and cabinets, crawled under the wardrobe and desk, and looked in the pockets of all his clothes for a second stele, but she had found nothing. She had told Sebastian she was exhausted, that she needed to go upstairs and lie down; he had seemed distracted and had waved her away. Images of Jace 's face kept flashing behind her eyelids every time she shut her eyes—the way he had looked at her, betrayed, as if he didn 't know her anymore. But there was no point dwelling on that. She could sit on the edge of the bed and cry in her hands, thinking about what she had done, but it would do no one any good. She owed it to Jace, to herself, to keep moving. Searching. If she could just find a stele— She was lifting the mattress off the bed, searching between it and the box springs, when a knock came on the door. She dropped the mattress, though not before discerning that there was nothing under it. She tightened her hands into fists, took a deep breath, stalked to the door and threw it open. Sebastian stood on the threshold. For the first time he was wearing something other than black and white. The same black trousers and boots, admittedly, but he also wore a scarlet leather…

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