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There are valuable lessons to be learned from our past. Former events can affect our current behavior, personality, and even our values of society. To be able to recognize the past in either a positive or negative way can define the choices one makes in the future. Great Expectations by Charles Dickens develops one of his main characters, Miss Havisham, to be negatively affected by her past actions, relationships, and even behavior. Hiding from the world in her room, isolating herself from society, and even raising Estella to become a heartbreaker, have all become obsessions to Miss Havisham that she can’t seem to get away from. All factors eventually lead to Miss Havisham becoming the lonely old women Pip comes to know.
Before Pip came to know the truth of Miss Havisham’s past, all that could he could gather by others was the lovestruck lady she had once been. It was told that energy and happiness glowed from Miss Havisham in every direction, and her marriage was soon to become the prime event of her life. When the time finally came, and Miss Havisham had been stood up from her
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Not much could be done, leaving her to mourn over the past and ignore all the possibilities of the future. Not until she had adopted Estella, becoming a single mother under short circumstances. To raise a child properly, with love and affection, was all Miss Havisham was required to do. Yet, the past had haunted her for too long and the memories she had could not be forgotten. Consequently, leading Estella to become her puppet for the real world, someone she could use to regain her confidence and self-image back yet protecting her from the cruelty she herself had suffered. However, through the years it was clear that Miss Havisham could not deliver the emotions of love to Estella, being too emotionally unstable to process it, leaving Estella to grow up with a cold
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