Essay About My Birthday

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It was a dark, and gloomy day, and I was walking to the bus stop to head to his geometry class. It was the day before my birthday. I was so excited, I just wanted it to be here. All of his aunts, grandparents, and uncle’s were coming. There was just one problem, I didn’t know what he wanted to do for his birthday; I knew that all of his family would asked me what I wanted for his birthday. I was sad that I had no friends that could make it, but he new that his family all loved him. Oh I’m here. Just wait you will here what the other kids have to say about me being here.
“Oh hey Bob. Why haven't you grown you antlers yet,” this mean girl (Nancy a mean elephant) snorted out. “Oh is that because.” Wait let me stop you right there. There is one thing you don’t know yet about me. I am is half deer, half mummy. Poor thing; everyone makes fun of him for that. I was already turning 11 tomorrow, I am he is still getting bullied. Anyways, you should know the rest of what Nancy said. “You are a mummy who sleeps in a coffin.
I responded, “It’s not a coffin, it’s a normal bed with four pillows.”
“Oh I’m sorry I think I forgot about your stuffed spiders.”
“Stop it!” I don’t think that I have been this furious in his life. This is the first time that Nancy, or anyone said something this mean.
Nancy said in a settle, but sane voice, “Well atleast I got into this smart school off of talent, you got in from you bad looks.” It started to form moldy whipped cream in the sky, and started to
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