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As an eight year old kid in the 80’s I remember watching the movie Popeye by Robin Williams. “I yam what I yam, and that’s all that I yam.” I sang this tune in my head and out loud over and over again. I even added lyrics to suit me., “I’ll be want I want to be, I am what I yam.” It may be my first attempt at being true to myself, a self-identification, a personal statement and a compass of sorts I remember telling my mother how I came up with my personal mantra. I was expecting a pat on back and recognition for my creativity and acceptance of self. She looked me in the eye and simply said, “It is narrow minded thinking. People change.” It was a shut down. So began my quest to find a new mantra, a new personal statement, one that…show more content…
These were all controlled by external forces. It allowed me to form good habits that prepared me for tougher choices – the good versus better, or arguing against justifications and immoral rationalizations. Although I still find guilt useful in making the “right” choices, it is no longer the dominant factor in my ethical decision making. I enjoy people watching. I have a natural tendency to be a student of people. I observe. I mimic. I learn. A mantra that I found useful is a Zen Proverb, “It takes a wise man to learn from his mistakes but an even wiser man to learn from others. Observational learning granted me much internalization. This was confirmed by Bandura’s suggestion that “children observe and adopt the self-evaluative standards they see others adopt for themselves, thereby developing control over their own behavior and no longer requiring the intervention of socializing agents.” The external factors were slowly overcome by the internal. Learning from others came in many forms; a significant method for me was reading autobiographies of great men and women. I am at awe with the lives of great generals like Patton, Eisenhower and McArthur. Their convictions defined their missions. I am fascinated by great scientists and innovators like Franklin, Einstein, and Edison. Their understanding of science co-existed with their religious beliefs. The writings of Anne Frank or Helen Keller have caused me many days of reflection and soul searching. The stories

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