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Getting More Restaurants in Oskaloosa
As many of us who live around Oskaloosa know, the town has a very small selection of restaurant options here. For instance, taking the family out for a nice dinner or even going on a date, having to drive at least fifteen minutes to the get to the nearest decent restaurant that is worth the money is a bit of a downer. Working as a waitress at several places has proven that restaurant options in Oskaloosa to sit down and enjoy the meal experience are very limited. Although Oskaloosa does have a fairly good variety of fast food chain restaurants that are good for people on the go, the town strongly lacks in good choices for sit down meals as well as fancier restaurants that serve well for dates and other finer occasions. The citizens and representatives of Osky need to find a way to offer these businesses that are lacking to ourselves and to people who visit the town. If someone visited our town, they would want to try all the local food that they could find. Hometown restaurants known for their amazing meals, food trucks and other smaller vendors that could have something surprisingly good inside, anything that would help someone get to know the heart of
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Often times, the citizens are forced to get cheap fast food that does not taste very good and has little to no health benefits. When couples try to go out for date nights, they have limited options and end up driving out-of-town and spending our money at other places plus money on gas. If the city had more options here, the people would not be forced to drive to other towns and spend our money in other communities that could be used to better our own. Good restaurants could make great money in our town if they would invest in setting it up and making a good impression of themselves, and it could also help bring people into our town instead of people from Oskaloosa traveling
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