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Preschool- When is the Right Time?
To preschool or not to preschool, that is the question. How to tell if your kid is ready for preschool?

Parents are undoubtedly those who try and make the right decisions for their child’s welfare. However, most of the time they face some challenges during their decision-making which leaves them baffled and confused. Preschool seems to be one of the most difficult decisions which parents make during the proper stage of their kid’s life. Once their child seems fairly independent, the questions about preschool arise- is preschool the right choice for their kids, how will the mutual experience be and will it be another perfect memory for their children?
Is Preschool Beneficial?
The general truth is that preschool is almost always beneficial for your children. Preschool makes socializing easy, it helps children interact with their peers and their environment, and teaches the golden rule-
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Preschools usually accept children at the age of 2, but this doesn’t necessarily mean that your kid has to start preschool at that age. You, as a parent, know your children the best, and you are the one who is aware of their physical and emotional readiness for this huge step. Preschool can be a fun thing, but it can also turn into a nightmare if you force it, and sadly there is no recipe which tells you when the right time will come. However, there are few hints that can help you find out whether your kid is ready for preschool or not.
-Independent child- Depending on the preschool you are choosing and the age, your children might be required to possess certain basic skills, such as washing hands independently, or eating without help, or to zip alone. If this is not the case with your children, don’t fret, because there are some preschools that include teaching children these skills in their programs, or you can take your time and teach your children by yourself before you send him/her to
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