Essay About Returning To School

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Returning to school after 30 years poses its challenges, yet after looking back, the tassel’s clearly worth the hassle. While looking at the 7 reasons for returning to school, a further look into the tools that influenced each reason along with the support for choosing each tool along with possibly more tools that were used to influence. The 7 reasons for returning to school are as follows; enhance your market skills, increase your earning potential, uncover your dream career, showcase your work ethic, become an expert, establish new connections and finally gain a sense of personal fulfillment. Each area will be covered individually as well as which tool influenced each. Enhancing your marketable skills: Earning a master’s degree in itself set you apart from the others by taking course that are specifically target real life scenarios, allowing you to be a better performer as well as priming you to be the most competitive candidate for all top notch positions. The language and word in itself are so strong and moving for me it’s like I just received a pep talk and just needed to sign on the bottom line to commit to going back to school. This is the one of the reasons why I did take the pen to the paper and attend college. Increase your earning potential: An advanced degree can earn you…show more content…
Also, gaining a tremendous amount of respect from other colleagues, you will have the reputation of being an expert in your field of study. Moreover, the advanced research and research assignments will place you in a league of your own standing apart from others with lesser degrees. Knowing this just made it logical to me to go back to school. Although I will just be getting my bachelor’s degree I will stay on course with my educational pursuit of my goals. It just makes sense as the right thing to do in furthering my
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