Essay About Rock

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“Our rock,” Inez proclaimed. “What I imagine you two probably didn’t think at all about was… what was truly going to happen to our rock when we fired the magnetron. When the magnetron sent its microwaves into the rock, they actually went through it, hitting the iron plates on the other side, and were then reflected back our way where the Geiger Counter took a series of measurements of them. Those measurements were then analyzed by my program and then given to us.” Inez hit another command on his keyboard bringing up a new screen. Before all three of them now appeared what seemed like endless rows and columns of ones and zeroes, each row in groups of eight numbers. “What you’re looking at is what’s called bytes,” Inez stated. “Each byte…show more content…
And, it has to happen so fast on our end that there’s nothing the volunteers can do to stop it.” “So, we wait, then,” Cassidy affirmed. “We wait, for now,” acceded Inez. “This sucks,” Phillip sulked. “Awe, man, don’t get so down,” Inez said. “Good things come to those who wait. We’ll get all of this out there when the time is right and we’ll make everybody have to listen to us then.” “Yeah, I guess, you’re right,” Phillip agreed reluctantly. “Hey, man, do you want to see something else that’s really cool?” asked Inez hoping shuffled the conversation to a brighter note. “Yeah, what?” Phillip asked, sounding a bit eager. “Well, if this experiment was anything like the first one I did yesterday, then we should have one more result.” “What is it?” asked Cassidy, Inez’s revelation having also recaptured her attention. “Well, this is kind of freaky if it happened, so be forewarned,” Inez avowed. “Come on, tell us,” Cassidy pleaded. “Okay, Phillip, my man, why don’t you go pick up your rock?” said Inez with a gesturing head nod. “Okay,” Phillip said assenting to the request somewhat tentative as he looked over at Inez then glancing at Cassidy. Summing up the courage, he then complied, making his way over to where the rock still sat atop Inez’s computer desk. Slowly, he reached out a timid hand, cautious to touch the stone. Then, making contact, he ever so lightly glazed over it with his index finger searching for anything unusual, any
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