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Mexican Asian Fusion: El Sushi Loco
Aside from art galleries and the famous gigantic Hollywood sign, food is one of the delightful reasons that one must visit Los Angeles. Los Angeles’ history with Mexico makes it an ethnically diverse city. Mexican cuisine is a staple of the city. From tacos, nachos, cheesy quesadillas to margaritas, Mexican food is truly festive and hearty. Its bursting flavors are made of a wide range of spices used to create the authentic Mexican flavors. Onion, oregano, cumin, and cilantro give the earthy and savory flavor to dishes- a perfect partner to tomato based foods. Meanwhile, Chile gives a spicy hint to dishes. Aside from Mexican food, people enjoy Japanese cuisine- where clean eating meets culinary artistry.
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In 2011, the cart expanded into its first restaurant in La Puente. Not long enough, they brought their delectable treats to 11837 Downey Ave. Downey, CA 90241. Fusing two different cooking styles will surely excite Downey restaurant goers. They now offer quality service, quality food, and quality platform for family and friends to enjoy.
El Sushi Loco is a place where families could dine and explore what surprises awaits their palate. It is also a lively place for friends to hang out and have a good time. The restaurant employs friendly staff who will immediately attend to your needs and happily serve you with mouth-watering delights. The bar flows with alcoholic beverages which will satisfy your whole group. The festive ambiance will surely make you feel joyous!
The unique and satisfying flavors originally brought by El Sushi Loco grew popularity and was repeatedly featured TV broadcasts. Among other Downey restaurants, El Sushi Loco is a trend-setter in the food industry because mirroring restaurants sprouted all over the country and grabbing the opportunity to ride with the hype of Mexican Asian fusion. For those hungry for experience and good food, El Sushi Loco will satisfy your

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