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Have you ever imagined yourself in a world where you always have to be looking your shoulder to make sure no one is trying to kill you ? you can't run to your government for protection because they’re the ones causing all of this and you only choice is to stay and pray to live ot to leave all of your hard work behind and start new in a new county ?.
This Exact world is the world that the syrian people are living in today's age. This event is called the syrian war which is a civil war started in syria that was sparked by a syrian president Bashar al-Assad, People demanded reform but al-Assad denied it with violence.
Although Bashar al-Assad believed his way of running the country of syria was the best way but in fact, the complete opposite
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In Syria people are being killed for believing that al-Assad is not ruling correctly or want reform as well as people who agree with al-Assad are being killed for agreeing with him by rebel groups.
“To compound the horror, the Syrian government targets and kills its own citizens based on their ethnic, religious or political background.”
(Who lives? Who dies? Who cares?)_
This is another example of violation of the Human rights declaration. The syrian government is Targeting its own citizens based on religion, ethnic group and political background. Which directly violates page 6 of the Human rights declaration book.
As previously read, Syria has turned into a mess, all because one person, the president, decided not to hear the people and abuse his power to do what he wants. This needs to be stopped as soon as possible not only is it violating the human rights declaration but it's also simply inhumanitarian, killing babies and blindly killing civilians, what a misery syria has become.

The people in syria are being murdered by their own government for opposing the president's views and they’ve also been killed for having a religion the government does not agree with and an ethnicity they do not like. This is in violation of the International Human Right Declaration because it i stripping the syrians completely from their human rights. Article 2 everyone is entitled to their own rights set forth by the declaration without discrimination of
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