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Trying out different types of food is great way to explore different cultures. In my experience I have had the chance to try many foods that are just mouthwatering just by seeing them. However to find the food that I can personally say is my favorite I did not go far. I found out tacos were for me.
Since the first bite I felt that my whole mouth was about to explode with pure pleasure and, since that moment every time I have tacos I still feel that I am in heaven. In other word the world does not exist when I am eating those tacos sent directly from above.
As a result I have been fascinated by those heavenly pieces of meat which also I learned that there is an abundant amount of types of tacos that can be made. At first I tried fast food tacos, the one usually found in a Jack in the Box or
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When my mother notice my new found passion for eating Mexican tacos she started to make tacos that were made for eating in the morning, I had never see anything like it. From that time I have been starting all my mornings with some delicious mouthwatering tacos which I feel everyone should try. By now there was no doubt that tacos were my favorite food of all time any time of day. Still I never was satisfied and wanted to find better tacos. So I decided on my own to try and to lean and make them to benefit myself
Since I was teaching myself how to make tacos I found out there was more that met the eye. I started by searching for which type of tortilla to use and witch was the best. I discovered that there was nothing more delicious than a flour tortilla witch was line eating a piece of a soft white cloud directly from the heavens above. As I learned how to make by hand I found out that it had to be perfect because it was what gave the shape to all the taco and all its glory. As soon I mastered the art of tortilla making the easiest difficult parts were yet to

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