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The technology industry is constantly expanding and growing every day. The world today essentially revolves around the use of technology and most people use some form of it to help them get through every day. Each day more and more children are brought into this technology based world and allowing the technology industry to grow. Day by day people become increasingly reliant on the use of smart devices, and other forms of technology. This helps people wonder if its effects can be harmful to those operating these devices, whether it be children or adults. A big question today is, “Is technology doing more harm than good?” Many parents are wondering if they should let their children participate in the usage of technology every day. Many…show more content…
Morgan Hampton (2014) stated, “Without enough face-to-face communication, these nonverbal cues are unable to develop properly, skewing children’s relationships with others as they grow up in a technology-inclusive society”(para. 6). Children are communicating through smart devices rather than face to face causing them to miss out on crucial social skills. If children are missing these skills at a young age, it may be difficult for them to develop them as they grow up. Children continually neglecting these skills will have a tough time creating strong relationships with others. As an adult, I have learned how important it is to form relationships with my family, people in the workplace, friends and staff on campus, etc. Having these relationships has helped develop many skills that will be useful when I go for job interviews to help create a successful future for myself. Along with missing these nonverbal cues, the use of technology “could interfere with the ability to develop empathy and problem-solving skills and elements of social interaction that are typically learned during unstructured play and communication with peers”(Walters, 2015, para 10). If children do not develop empathy and problem-solving skills they will struggle throughout life with school, socialization, relationships, etc. All of these things are essential to create a healthy and happy life. Technology is causing children to miss out on many crucial skills

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