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When I was young my mom often tells us great stories about grandpa, stories about his bravery on the Japanese invasion, camaraderie, etc. there is one story that stood out to me the most was the story about the “bunton”. The story about the “bunton” is nothing extraordinary, in fact, I think it’s even tamer than other supernatural stories you would probably hear. one day according to my mom, a long time ago, it was a Sunday morning, mom notices grandpa staring at the bunton just outside their Spanish inspired ancestral home, I’ve never seen one but mom describes the bunton “a big pile of sand that resembles an anthill”. anyway after several hours later, mom still saw grandpa hanging out alone near the bunton then out of curiosity. Mom went to where grandpa was and asked him why was he outside for too long, my grandpa said nothing, he just smiled at her and pats her head. Later that day my grandad went to mom and said later at dinner I’ll might tell you something surprising” mom was flustered and kept thinking what was it?
Evening came by, and its dinner time, the whole family gathered in the dining room, and while everybody is busy eating, mom at that
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And prompted us second question about what they know when you hear the word “bunton” no one anwered. Grandpa continued that the one living in the house was none other than a battalion of soldier elves. We were astounded, mom along with his/her sibling directed their gaze to the “bunton”. Grandpa then continued that they would normally appear and walk circling the house then disappear without a trace. he added that they also appeared in his dream, they were offering a black stone, then one of my siblings said that probably the black stone is an “anting- anting”, an amulet that is said to protect the carrier from negative or dangerous
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