Essay About The Literacy Autobiography

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Literacy Autobiography I can hear my heart pumping faster and faster. With every breath, it pumps a little faster. I count each person ahead of me in my roll. Pam will read paragraph one. Carl has paragraph two and Donna will read paragraph four. That means I will read paragraph five. I go over every word making sure I can pronounce each one correctly. I am not aware of what the others have read. My only concern is not to make a mistake. It is my turn. Yes, I made it. Wow, glad that is over! What I have described is my early reading experience in elementary school. Reading was not something you did for pleasure. Reading was something you maneuvered through making sure you didn’t explored by the bombs of vocabulary. It was not something you enjoyed. My parents were very strict about education. They knew their children were intelligent, so if you were not doing well in school you were playing around. I remember every time I had to read or go to the board to answer a problem, I would always make a mistake. I believe it was due to the amount of stress of possible failure. When my teacher told my parents that I was having a problem at school they thought I was just being lazy. I was immediately punished. Reading was not a wonderful activity for me. That was until Mr. M. came. He would read aloud to the class. I could feel the cool breeze from a Robert Frost poem. I could smell the grass and follow the dancing leaves. Mr. M. made me want to be a reader. I

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