Essay About The Night

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Before I could tell her the hotel was alcohol-free room started to change and shift. I thought I was under attack by a mob of wild dressed people, but they were in place. I then came to and I was standing in the middle of a huge party. I did not know what to do. I asked questions to many of people about where I was and what's going on but the people looked at me with laughter because of the drinks. I started to calm down and a waiter handed me a fancy glass filled to the brim. The same woman came to me singing and dancing. She grabbed my arm and pulled me to a group of people who were talking in an aggressive yet curious way. “He's a bootlegger I tell you,” said one. The other responded “but a man with this much secrecy must have…show more content…
“Go on,” he said. So I went to my room and got some fancy dress things and came but out.“Good…you still have lots to learn, but for now, let's have some fun.” The room shifted. Months had passed and also my lessons. I've learned to dress to impress, tall and confident posture, when and how to speak and much more. I did not understand at the time why these people were showing me these lessons nor when I would apply them. Once we were done with our lessons the room would change and we would be at a big party. I had to admit that the parties were fun. There were fireworks every thirty seconds and there were many different people to meet. Everyone had a similar conversation talking about a man who made this castle of a house. One said that it was so big that it could be easily be turned into a big five-star hotel. When I wasn't at the party's or taking weird lessons I was either running the hotel or doing some research on the hotel, the man, and the woman. So far I only got some information on the hotel. The hotel was once the “Chelsea Hotel” and it had a reputation of some haunting in the past. The Hotel had many owners before due to bankruptcy and the owners were deceased. I had to try and figure out why are these ghosts haunting this hotel and why are they only showing up for me. All the guests in the hotel never complained nor said anything about strange things in the room, ghost wise. This made me more curious
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