Essay Against Affirmative Action

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In the 1960’s, affirmative action was something that was necessary to compensate for the past misconduct towards minorities. In 2015, affirmative action is something that is no longer necessary. In the twenty-first century, today’s America is divided more by class and income as opposed to race. If the main goal of affirmative action were to eradicate discrimination, then it should be dispersed on the basis of disadvantage, not on the premise of race. Ultimately, keeping affirmative action around today is detrimental to those who have higher academics and qualifications, because it is not allowing those who surpass criteria recognition. Affirmative action should only have been something that was given to minorities who endured an arduous occasion. The main reason it is upheld today, is because of the fact that people across the country feel the need to reconcile for prior discrimination. In reality, not only is this not helping those who take advantage of affirmative action, but it is also punishing those who did nothing wrong. Even after the early stages when affirmative action was placed into play, it was evident that something like this was going to create racial tension. This was clearly seen in University of California v. Bakke. Fast forwarding to today’s time, there are still even…show more content…
The levels of equality have changed drastically throughout the years and it is more acceptable to see minorities succeed. It is 2015, and we have an African American president. To be elected president, you have to work endlessly and hope that your deception holds up to the voters. Having a minority for a president isn’t something that was achieved through affirmative action. Having a minority for a president is something that is constructed on the basis of perpetual effort. Having a program such as affirmative action only seems to devalue a person’s real
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