Essay Against School Uniforms

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Do you think that dress codes are ridiculous these days? Do you think the dress code is sexist, or unfair. Are school uniforms healthy for our students? Let's find out! The dress code in the 21st century is WAYYY outdated, and needs to be updated. Let's talk about the most absurd and outrageous code in the world: the dress code. So, over the years, the dress code has gotten a little too out of hand. It is RIDICULOUS at what the dress code prohibits. For example, some of the things we have seen over the years have prohibited religious or cultural beliefs. For instance, there was a muslim girl suspended for wearing a headscarf, and also cross necklaces were banned. Another school dress code banned baggy clothing, and sports clothing! Oh and remember that new cute gray and white striped shirt you got from hollister this summer. Well, say goodbye to that, because you are only allowed to wear school colors. Oh, and don't even think about growing your hair out. Your hair HAS to comply with the dress code. Imagine being told that! Well, that’s what most students have to go through everyday! So, not only are dress codes a problem, but school uniforms are even WORSE! Uniforms definitely do not come cheap. According to, they say uniforms are usually around $249! And also, a survey of Nevada students state that 90% of students do not like having to wear a uniform to school. So, wouldn’t you rather spend that $249 on something that your kid enjoys to wear, something that will show your child's style and individuality. Most people might say “well, uniforms help the kids focus on school, so they are not worried about what everyone is wearing,” but research has shown that math scores between highschool and middle school students have increased by 0.01% after the uniforms were adopted, while the reading scores even dropped after the uniforms were purchased. Also, according to, uniforms make it easier to get kids ready, or save time in the morning, but the only thing uniforms would save time for was for what you would wear, and if you pick out your outfit the night before, putting on your clothes in the morning should take the same amount of time in the morning as putting on a
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