Essay : Animal Rights And Human Rights

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Animals Rights
Humans have used animals like dogs, cats and horses as companions to help guide us and teach valuable lessons about love and friendship. However, we have also used other animals as sources of food and nourishment when humans hunted and farmed. The way in which we treat animals is a big factor in whether or not they, too, deserve the same rights to be treated as we do. The rights that they do deserve are to live their lives without going through pain and to be able to live their lives without being subordinated to humans; free and without discrimination. Animals under human care can be exploited to endure tasks that are inhumane and could be raised in an environment that is full of disease with lack of food and secure attachment from a supportive figure. By living in areas like crowded cages or barns shows that humans have taken no initiative to provide safe and humane facilities in which these animals are to be kept. If something like this is not acceptable to people of society as human beings, then it should not be accepted by society with animals. Due to the fact that they have no way of speaking with humans about their own philosophy of life, this does not mean that we are to disregard all forms of communication or "voice" that they can show from their actions. Time and time again, humans are brought about to the public for mistreatment of animals and are then faced with abuse in court. Although, there still need to be better restrictions on what people
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