Essay : ' Beloved Of The Golden Jubilee Of Our Indian Orthodox Christendom '

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Jubilee Article 2014

Dearly beloved in Christ,
As we are merely weeks away from celebrating the advent of the Golden Jubilee of our Indian Orthodox Christendom, we must not forget those humble roots that we stand on. There isn’t a greater time than this to remember those who dreamt of a glorious tomorrow and planted their footprints for the benefit of future generations; there isn’t a greater time than this to recognize those who identified said footprints and laid out the path for all of us to follow; therefore, let us do just that. Now is also the perfect time to accept that not many of us can claim to be architects to the grandeur of this community. We are nothing but construction workers, building on a foundation that has long been built on by our forefathers. If we must promote any virtue during these times, it is the virtue of humility.
Furthermore, it is crucial to understand that Jubilee is more than an event that will arrive tomorrow and end the day after. Jubilee marks and honors the end of an era; consequently, Jubilee also celebrates the genesis of another. The true message of Jubilee holds a much deeper meaning than we can perceive; one of the many mind-blowing meanings of Jubilee will be interpreted and explained further into this article. Completion of the “fiftieth year” held much more importance in the olden days than it does today. Jubilees have been honored with utmost sanctity in those times as their fulfillment were a direct commandment from the Lord…

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