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In Arthur Miller book, “The Crucible” the government accused people of McCarthyism and during the red scare people were accused of communism. During the years of 1692-1693 people accused of witchcraft were hung by the jury with no remorse. The comparison between the two is that Arthur Miller wrote a play to compare to the Salem Witch Trials. Within The Red Scare if people were accused of being a communist then they would be blacklisted. When blacklisted you would lose your job and become pretty much an outcast. Arthur Miller wrote The Crucible to symbolize the McCarthy era. “The Crucible was reflecting the mass cultural and political hysteria produced when the United States government sought to suppress communism” (PBS). The people in…show more content…
She knew that what they were doing was wrong to do, but they did it anyway because they did not think nothing of it but Abigail and Tituba knew exactly what was happening. Arthur Miller wrote the crucible so that people could learn from it. As a result, The Crucible became a very important play in the our times. The Red Scare occurred in the years of 1940-1950’s. During this time people were accused of McCarthyism which was the same as communism. “McCarthyism came from the Senator Joseph R. McCarthy, who at the time was making false accusations”(Ramirez, MacPhail, Herrera). McCarthy was the person who came up with the idea of blacklisting people. Therefore, he was a dirty man that accused people of McCarthyism just like in the Crucible. Just because people did not do or like certain things they would be accused of being a witch. If people were not doing what he wanted them to do then it was not right in his eyes. People were scared to be accused of being a communist because they already knew the consequences of being called that. Therefore, women tried their best to do everything right because they were the main ones being accused of these things. In conclusion, The Crucible and The Red Scare were so much alike in every way possible. They both accused people of being witches for no apparent reason. These men thought they were doing the people in the town a favor by killing people they “thought” were witches. Miller and McCarthy were evil and manipulating men in their
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