Essay Comparing Faulkner's The Sound And The Fury

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The way a child behaves says a lot about their parents. In “The Sound and the Fury”, there is a lot to say about Caroline and Jason Compson. Their children, Quentin, Jason, Caddy, and Benjy, all have their own specialities, good and bad. These distinctions are ones that are direct products of the strange equation that makes the Compson family, yet are certainly not unique just to them. As a parent, you must take responsibility for the things that you teach your children, or don’t. As a result of the complicated situation and circumstances the Compsons live in, Caroline and Jason were not always present to set a good example for their kids. This caused the Compson children to stray far away from the home, and search for answers to the questions…show more content…
Other than its legendary reputation of being a story about a peculiar family in a Southern setting during a period of depression in the United States, The Sound and the Fury is truly a cautionary tale warning parents about the dangers of letting their children become too independent. Whether this independence is allowed consciously by the parents of the children for the purpose of a learning experience, or is a side-effect of a neglectful couple who do not seem to care, this independence is especially dangerous when it comes to the topics of time, death, and sex. These topics encompass the development and progression of life from its beginning to its completion, and if not addressed by parents with their children then they will be forced to figure them out on their own. As a result of this neglect, Jason is a racist bigot, Caddy has a strained relationship with her daughter, and Quentin commits suicide. If this happens, not only will the possible effects that took their toll on Quentin, Caddy, Benjy, and Jason take place, but the room for further damage is quite
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