Essay Comparing The Geography In Mesopotamia And Ancient Egypt

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Serra Bauman
Course C375
The differences, and even more so, the similarities between the geography in Mesopotamia, and Ancient Egypt can be found to be very intriguing. Both were near rivers and experienced floods. Both civilizations took advantage of the floods. Both made advances in agriculture due to the rich silt left from the floods.
Mesopotamia in Greek means “middle river” or “land between two rivers” (Acrobatiq, 2014). Mesopotamia is found between the Tigris, and the Euphrates Rivers. This was located in what we now know as Iraq. Mesopotamia is often called the “cradle of civilization” This is because the Sumerians, the first society in the world, lived. The beginning of a civilization was due to the rich silt left from
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This time, it was the Nile River. People had migrated to the Nile River as natural bodies of water in northern Africa began to dry out. This caused many animals to die off, leading hunters to the Nile where some animals remained. Around 7500 BCE they began sewing grains (Acrobatiq, 2014) . Like Mesopotamia, the abundance of food grown brought more people. More people brought more government and politics.
The flooding in the two regions was different. In Mesopotamia, the floods were unpredictable, but left much needed silt. In Ancient Egypt, the floods were predictable happening with tropical rains in the spring and summer. This caused the Nile River to rise. The people of Ancient Egypt built ditches to irrigate the farmlands.
In Mesopotamia, there was a lot of fighting and wars. The people were always trying to take on a new city or new city-state to increase their wealth. Things were not the same in Ancient Egypt. In Ancient Egypt, the Nile valley and the distance from potential invaders, kept things calm. This lead naturally to the development of two main kingdoms Egypt and Nubia. Egypt in the north was known as Lower Egypt, and Nubia in the south was known as Upper
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