Great Expectations Compare And Contrast Essay

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Imagine traveling down the street during the Victorian Era, strolling by horse drawn carriages and over the rough marbled stone pathways. Now imagine walking down the street during the 21st Century, parading by high tech automobiles and over the smooth concrete sidewalks. Although both seem very different there is actually quite a bit that can be connected between the two eras. In fact, Great Expectations by Charles Dickens helps demonstrate several typical struggles from the Victorian Era that adolescents of the 21st Century face today. Developing teenagers in both eras went through similar struggles such as, deciding what to do with their life and trusting the right people. Thousands of young adults today battle with finding the right path…show more content…
For example, when Pip is a young boy and first meets Magwitch, the convict threatens to cut his throat, but later on in the story the readers learn, “Provis had a little child of whom Provis was exceedingly fond” (Dickens 404). The softer side of Magwitch conveys a common misconception many people make. In today’s society a common mistake students make is when they first meet a teacher. The teacher may come off as terrifying and turn out to be the most humorous teacher. Even the people who are cold for years can have a change of heart. For instance, Miss Havisham who revels in revenge shows a kind heart when she asks Pip, “is there nothing I can do for you, yourself” (Dickens 399)? The change in Miss Havisham can be connected to the world wide theme that anyone can change if they put their mind to it. To add, people in different environments can have different personalities also. Wemmick, for example, is a completely different person at his home, but becomes, “dryer and harder as [they] went along”(Dickens 210). This is most relevant to today’s society because of the distinct separation of the home and work environment. The change shows that people can separate themselves from the stress of work by setting a certain personality. To conclude, Great Expectations is simply an older version of today’s life and displays some of the similar struggles. From following a career path to becoming
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