Essay Conflicts on a Thing of Beauty and Sorry Wrong Number

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Explain how conflict is portrayed in Sorry, Wrong Number and another drama you have studied this semester. Which one has a greater impact on and why?
In Sorry, Wrong Number and A Thing of Beauty, there are four conflicts that can be seen, internal, how a character struggles with himself or herself, relational, between two peoples, societal, between a character and a group and situational, conflict with a certain situation.

Internal conflict is portrayed when the character, Mrs. Stevenson, is struggling with herself. When Mrs. Stevenson heard the sound of the phone receiver being lifted on the same extension line as her, “(Click of receiver being put down on Mrs. Stevenson’s line)” She was attempting
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When the Colonel said, “You’ve won the point, but I’ve won my bet”, Sister Benedicta’s reply, “Bet, Colonel?” suggests that she is evading the Colonel’s questions cunningly.
The relational conflict that had more impact on me was Sorry Wrong Number. It shows that deep down, way deep down, maybe humans may not be such terrible beings. We maybe misguided, or blinded by our greed in this case but we still have this tiny speck of kindness in us.

Societal conflict is portrayed when Mrs. Stevenson is struggling with a group of people. Mrs. Stevenson is seen getting frustrated and irritated when she is talking to the Operators and Chief Operator. It is clear that she is trying her best to keep herself calm, and is trying to reason it out with them. As she talks to the different Operators, a common trait is found, she is trying very hard to get her pleas through them. The more she talks to the Operators and Chief Operator, the angrier, frustrated and annoyed she got by the fact that they could not do a simple thing like tracing a call. Mrs. Stevenson is said “(Sarcastically) Thank you” to the first Operator, is “(angrily)” talking to the Operator and after the Operator is not able to get to the two murderers. Thus, we can see that they are having troubles in

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