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I want to explain the meaning of the COR candle which is the symbol of the weekend. I want you all to think of it as not just an ordinary candle giving light but light which represents Christ, the Light of the world. Light has very special significance, Christ recall that Jesus said “I am the light of the world, no follower of mine, shall ever walk in darkness; no he shall possess the light of life” (John 8:12). Therefore the light is a symbol of faith, truth, wisdom, virtue, grace, the divine life, charity and the sacred presence which flows from Christ himself. So as the candle burns itself out to give light-that is it gives of itself for others so too we must give of ourselves in love to others.
I want to tell you the story of the
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I don’t know where the answer will lead us and I don’t know the response. I only know the question. When I ask it you’ll take it from there. Don’t be too quick to answer. Give God a chance to speak. Listen to Him speak to you. The question is : < What Love is?> (pause for a few minutes) Does anyone have the answer to that question? (Short discussion if time permits)
Summarize the discussion. Then invite the group to contemplate the candle. What does that candle say to us of Love? Then ask the group to think of how they have experience love from their parents (pause for a short while , they may share if they wish)

We don’t have to know another human being in order to love him or her. You can love the person next to you without even knowing them fully. Let us join hands and pray to our Father. Tonight we have experienced both love and hate. Isn’t it strange how we can feel both those emotions at the same tune? Yet that is normal for a human being, you can love a person yet dislike them at the same time. We must not let our dislike override our love for any person.
Join hands and close eyes
We have listened to God. We have shared what God said to us. Now let us go to Him and tell him how we feel at this very moment. Let us be honest with God. He has said where two or more are gathered in His name there he is in the midst. We believe that HE is here right now because he said he would be. He is standing right here with us. So let’s just tell God what we have in

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